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- Desember 16, 2017
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Pokémon GO
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MasDanisAPKDownload Pokemon Go Mod Apk - Pokemon GO is the first great game of the Pokemon series that finally goes on Android. And it's here thanks to Niantic's hands-the Ingress developers-with an organized title combining all the perks of Nintendo's classic game, with the best idea of ​​the early versions. The end result: an adventure where you have to get out and get around if what you really want is to be a true Pokemon coach.

Any user who has previously played Ingress will know easily and quickly what you need to do and immediately understand the true idea behind Pokemon GOTo you who have never played Ingress also will not find much trouble. Basically this game changes your city in a big video game screen that you have to connect. Thanks to GPS on your Android, the avatar in this game will go on wherever you go, that way you have to get out to catch Pokemon.

Are you close to the beach or the river? It is a good idea to check the area especially to find a water Pokemon. Do you need a pile of Pokemon for your collection? Maybe it's time you do a picnic. Similarly, whenever you visit PokeStops, which is usually located in interesting places such as museums, art galleries and historical sites that can get new stuff for you. At PokeStops you can buy pokemon balls and equip the equipment before facing a rival coach.

Pokemon GO is an amazing RPG to roam on Android. Very good in every sense he said. The game is very well customized, has an elegant interface and superb graphics. But, most importantly, there are so many Pokemon in this game that are waiting to be caught.

Pokémon GO Features: 

  • Search Pokemon with GPS system
  • Pokemon native habitat: eg players are on the beach, then that will come out is a type of water Pokemon. 
  • Poke-stop System: Stop at Poke-stop to get free stuff and Pokemon eggs that can be hatched later. The way to incubate the egg is by walking; Players have to walk in the real world. 
  • Defend the Gym against each challenger. 
  • The AR system on the camera, makes the Pokemon as real as being around you.

Tampilan Game Pokémon GO
Tampilan Game Pokémon GO

What's New In Version 0.75.0:
  1. Spark has returned to appraise Pokémon for Team Instinct Trainers.
  2. Resolved a motivation decay bug impacting Pokémon with less than 3000 CP.
  3. Resolved a bug causing Pokémon GO to freeze after consuming potions too quickly.
  4. Resolved a bug causing Pokémon GO to freeze after all 6 Pokémon faint during a Raid Battle.
  5. Bug fixes
Anti Banned Tips:
  • Do not go faster than 20 Kmph
  • Do not change your location more than 10 KM away or you’ll get soft banned
Game Info:
Name: Pokémon GO
Category: Game Adventure
Mode: Online
Version: 0.75.0
Size: 81 MB
Update: 02 October 2017
Developers: Niantic, Inc
Required: Android OS 4.4+
Mod: Support for Android 4.0
More Info: Google Play

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